What one needs to know about LED Street Lights?

What one needs to know about LED Street Lights?

LED Street Lights are one of the most famous lights these days. These lights are used to give pedestrians and drivers a clear view of the things near them. These lights can be installed easily nowadays. These lights don’t pollute the environment and are termed eco-friendly lights. There are major types of LED street lights, all of which are different according to their size and power. TYPE VI is considered to be a major and is usually used in most areas.

Have LED Street Lights made our life easy?

Yes, it is basically a fact they life has been easier since the arrival of LED street lights. Now we have a brighter night than ever. These lights are also used in safe city protocols in many countries. These are dimmable; that’s why they are also known as energy-saving lights. They reduce energy consumption and also have a long life span with little or low maintenance. They can run up to 100,000 hours. There plus the point is that it can be switched on or off whenever needed. It is one of the basic factors why they are called energy-saving lights.

Why should we go for these lights?

LED Street lights are used in hospitals, parks, footpaths, etc. These lights brighten the envious up. Not a lot of hard-word is needed for their installation. LED street lights have a long life span which fascinates buyers. They are much more efficient than other traditional lights present these days. As LED street lights have the ability to run at low voltage, that’s why they don’t heat the surrounding area as other bulbs and lights do.

How are LED Street lights different from other traditional lights?

In comparison with other traditional lights, they save up to somewhere around 80% of the energy and are also termed as eco-friendly. They contain fewer toxic elements like mercury than other traditional lights, as LED street lights are highly efficient, so fewer lights are needed because they can lighten more areas with fewer lights. LED street lights last up to 6 times more than other traditional lights. Traditional lights have less durability than LED street lights. LED street lights are much more durable than other traditional lights as they don’t run out quickly and don’t require to be replaced.

Relation of wattage with a pole on which LED street lights are installed

Less wattage is required for poles of less height. By increasing the height of street lights, more wattage will be required. Wattage power is directly proportional to the height of the pole.

Correlated color temperature in LED streetlights

Correlated color temperature is used to explain the color appearance of the LED light source, which shows if any maintenance or change in the system is required.

  • 2700K means warm
  • 4000k means neutral
  • 5700 means cold

In this way, the color temperature of the light source can be determined, and the effectiveness of the light can easily be demonstrated along with its power usage avoiding future problems.