Tips For Selecting The Proper Lace Front Wig

by Kate

Wigs are categorized into two; human hair and synthetic wigs. Both have their good and bad characteristics, but human hair wigs are way better than synthetic. Human hair wigs are further divided into full lace, lace front, half wigs, and others. Most people prefer the lace front wigs human hair and the full lace wigs, but they are all designed to meet different needs. In this write-up, we identify tips for buying a lace front wig.

Considerations for buying a lace front wig

The hair market is filled with all kinds of hair and wigs. As a beginner to wig-wearing, you can easily be misled during the buying process and end up with something that doesn’t work for you. When choosing a lace front wig, there are things to look out for to buy something genuine that fits you and matches your style. They are;

1. Type of hair you want

Human hair lace front wigs come in varying forms to fit several users. In addition, they have many benefits, one of them being the ability to customize them to your liking. However, before you settle for customization, the kind of hair you choose will be the determinant. The wigs can either be virgin hair or pre-dyed hair.

Virgin hair is pure and hasn’t been tampered with or manipulated. It’s easier to work on it since its acts like a plain canvas. You can dye the hair any color and shade. If wig personalization isn’t a priority, go for dyed lace front wigs. All you need to do is pick a color that excites you and have the hair installed.

2. The density of the wig

In wigs, density refers to how thin or thick the hair is. It can also be defined as volume. These wigs vary as some appear fuller than others. How big do you want the hair to be? Do you prefer many or fewer hair strands? How will you style your hair? Ask yourself these questions before picking the density. Increments are used to measure the density of lace front wigs. The measures range from 130% to 200%, which is the highest level of thickness. The answers you give to the questions above will guide you to the correct percentage.

3. Color of the lace

The lace forms the base of the wig, and the hair strands are attached directly to it. In the case of front lace wigs, the lace covers the entire front part from one ear to the other. The lace is either translucent or brown in color. Your skin or scalp color should be your guide when selecting the lace.  Choose translucent if you have a light skin tone and brown if you are dark. You can adjust the lace color by applying foundation if necessary.


Lace front wigs are an investment. This means that picking the right one should be a priority. Unlike synthetic wigs, these human hair wigs have prices ranging between 130$ and 300$. It depends on the hair used to make it, its style, volume, and length. The tips above will guide you to get high-quality hair that is long-lasting and look fantastic.

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