Why Are The Custom LED Neon Signs Popular?

by Kate

The LED neon signs popularity has grown tremendously, especially in the sign industry. Most companies, restaurants, or bars currently prefer the use of led neon signs. One of the reasons for the popularity can be attributed to the sign industry’s ability to customize the signs. The customized signs are usually based on individual needs. Furthermore, the custom LED neon signs are pretty trendy. Below are some of the reasons for the custom LED neon signs popularity.


Reasons for the custom LED neon signs popularity

1. Cost-efficient

In comparison to the traditional neon, the LED neon signs are cost-efficient. Therefore, their cost efficiency makes it possible for customizations. Furthermore, the LED neon signs do not consume as much electricity as the traditional neon signs; consequently, they save on the electricity bill.


2. Customization

Customizing the LED neon signs ensures that you can get the signs at whatever name you wish. Customized LED neon signs are especially popular for businesses. Most businesses prefer LED neon signs as they are more pronounced during the night. Therefore, attract people to the businesses.


3. Versatile

One of the main reasons for the LED neon signs’ popularity is their versatility. The signs can be designed to have; moving messages, animation, flashing and fading features, and color changes. The versatility of the LED neon signs allows for excellent and attractive displays. It also allows room for designing different displays. The custom LED neon signs are very popular in the sign industry as it allows designers the flexibility to go wild with their designs.


4. High visibility

Custom LED neon signs are popular among businesses because of their high visibility rate. The lights are usually very bright and colorful. Furthermore, the flashing lights ensure that businesses are highly visible. Moreover, the custom LED neon signs are relatively popular among small businesses. Small businesses utilize the signs to announce their existence or arrival.


5. Thin size

The traditional neon signs are very thick, but the LED neon signs are pretty thin. The thinness of the size ensures that they are easily portable.


6. Durable

Customized LED neon signs are sturdy and robust. The sturdiness of the sign ensures that it can last for long periods. Most of the customized LED neon signs have decades of lifespan. The critical consideration is proper sign maintenance and care. The durability nature of the customized LED neon signs makes them pretty popular.


7. Attract customers

Businesses use custom LED neon signs as a marketing tool. It ensures that brand awareness is established. Furthermore, custom neon signs are used to communicate messages such as whether businesses are closed or open. Moreover, the custom neon signs help to draw the attention of customers to businesses.


8. Easy to install

The installation process of the custom neon signs is relatively easy. Therefore, with the help of one employee or person, you can easily mount it yourself.



Businesses are currently exploring new ways of announcing their presence in the market. The custom LED neon signs are one of the ways they are used to increase visibility. Furthermore, LED neon signs are relatively popular in the market today.

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