Perfect Methods Of Highlighting A Wig

by Kate

A highlight wig gives a loud and bold look, worn mainly by a few women whose style leans towards it. However, women are embracing such wigs more, and their demand in the market has increased. Colored wigs are more prominent than traditional black wigs. Wearing these wigs requires great focus when choosing the right clothes to wear. You can add the highlights yourself or have a hairstylist do it. In this write-up, we discuss ways of creating highlight wigs.

Methods of highlighting wigs

The wig highlighting process isn’t so complicated but visiting a hair expert is advisable to ensure the correct chemicals are used and in their proper measurements.  We explain the three coloring techniques below.

1. Bleaching method

Bleaching is quite common in the hair industry, but it has its good and bad. The wig pattern mainly determines how the highlighting is done. Unlike the single coloring method, bleaching highlights parts of the hair only. The good thing about it is you can choose which points to color. The bleach is applied from the ends up to your ideal point to create contrast. You then wrap the colored hair in foil, following the time given on the guide manual. Later, the hair is unwrapped and washed thoroughly to remove any remnants. When dry, the highlighted hair stands out systematically.

2. Balayage/ freehand painting method

This process varies slightly from the bleaching technique. Bleach is painted directly on the hair, and a cellophane layer is placed on top to make it lustrous. The balayage process is quick, so a strong bleach is required. The bleach’s strength matters a lot in this case because when exposed to air for long, it loses functionality. The highlights in the freehand painting are disorganized, but their effects are not as adverse as in the bleaching method. Most hair experts use balayage, which is safe for all wigs despite bleaching being common.

3. Single process coloring method

It is also referred to as the all one coloring method. This is because a single color is used to highlight the entire wig. The single shade is produced in three levels: permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent. Each level operates differently based on the given time. The permanent level gives off a permanent color shade, with the wig ends being lighter or darker than the body. One of the main chemicals used is ammonia, which facilitates the process.  The demi-permanent level is gentle than the latter, and the color shade isn’t as fixated. The semi-permanent level is the most gentle, but the highlight color fades when in contact with water.


The coloring processes above bring fourth highlights, but they are all different. They accommodate everyone; for example, you can choose the semi-permanent color shade when you want it to last for a few days and the permanent color when you want a complete change. Highlights are eye-catching, and the freedom to choose how you want them is superb.  Depending on liking, you can have the wig in one color, with organized or disorganized highlights.

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