How To Install A Headband Wig

by Kate
headband wig

There are so many wigs in the market that you often get conflicted over which one you should wear and which one you should leave. One of the best wigs in the market has to be human hair headband wigs.  Many newbies love these wigs because they are easy to wear and style. Here are the steps you follow when you want to install a headband wig.

1.      Preparation before installing the headband wig

Before you get started on wearing the wig, there are a couple of things you need to do. The most important thing is, ensure your natural hair is flat. Based on the size, you can choose to sleek it down with gel or plait some cornrows. Cornrows are recommended because they stay in for longer and do not itch after a while. Once the hair is flat, pull out the baby hairs.

2.      Put in the wig cap

Once your hair is all flat and secure, the next thing you need to do is put on your wig cap. Ensure that you get the wig all snug against your head so the wig can lay flat on top of it. You might need to readjust a couple of times so that you can get it on right.

3.      Detangle your wig

Based on the wig you have, detangle it using your fingers or brush. You might also need to use some products on the wig if it is too dry. Whatever you choose to do, it is entirely up to you. Detangling your wig before you wear it will ensure all the kinks are taken care of, and you will not need to detangle it once you wear it.

4.      Wear your headband wig

Once you are done with prepping your wig, position it and then put it on. You might need to adjust it a couple of times to get it in the right place. Do not rush this process, as you will end up looking weird if the wig does not sit in place well enough. If you are having trouble with this step, ask a friend to help you put it on. Once it is one, detangle it a bit more, and it is good to go.

5.      Get your headband and sleek your baby hair

Now that your wig is on get the right headband on and sleek your baby hair. While some might sleek the hair before they wear the wig, doing it after is best. That way, you have better control over how your hair will look once you are done. You also do not have to worry about ruining your sleeked hair as you adjust the wig. Choose the headband of choice, and out in on, then you are good to go.

Last thoughts

Headbands wigs are a great way for you to style your hair. They are simple and look great on everyone who uses them. The tips above will go a long way to ensure that you look and feel great in your wig.

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