Five Selling Points of Vape Cartridges for Small Business

Five Selling Points of Vape Cartridges for Small Business

Do you run a vape business and want to grow your customers for vape cartridges? If yes, then you should be well aware of some selling points. You need to use these points to convince your customers to purchase more cartridges. Here is what you need to tell them.

Selling Point 1- Ease of Use

People like to purchase products when it's easy to use and require little to no practice. Thankfully vape cartridge is a compact device that includes a heating element and mouthpiece. This device contains concentrated cannabis.

A person doesn't need to do anything to activate a device. Simply inhale, and it will activate the heating element, and you can inhale the product as much as you like. If you want to grow your customers, keep ease of use as your ultimate selling point in a vape shop. You can tell your customers, and there is no learning curve with vape cartridge. Even a beginner can try it without knowing anything. One-button operation is all you need to handle.

Selling Point 2- Portable

Many people have started using vaporizers because they want to quit smoking. The good thing about vape cartridges is that they are super compact. They help you enjoy a flavor you like on the go. Their compactness helps them fit into your pocket quite nicely. Even you can easily keep them in your bag if you are a student. So, if you want to increase sales of your vaporizers, you should tell your clients that they can keep the Vaporizer with them strictly like they keep a pack of cigarettes.

Selling Point 3- Easy Accessibility

It would be best to make vape cartridges quite accessible for your customers. If you make the order process simple and shipment quick, they will be able to know that they can switch from cigarettes to vapor without worrying about the supply of vaporizers. So, you have to tell your clients that vape pens are widely available and super accessible. Once you make up your mind about it, you can enjoy a boost in sales volume.

Selling Point 4- No SmellĀ 

The main problem with most customers is that they have little or no idea how to vape cartridges work. So, you need to keep them informed. For example, it's vital to tell that vapes don't produce the smell of smoke as a cigarette does. No fire is used in this process. A safe heating element burns cannabis and doesn't destroy its active ingredients. Smoking smell annoys people around you. However, when there is no smell, then people can use it without affecting the environment.

Selling Point 5- Safer Than Cigarette

Yes, it's very essential that you keep your customers well-informed. Tell them that if they switch from cigarette to vape cartridges, they are making healthy life choices. You can target smokers who want to quit smoking during your ad campaigns.


If you want to increase sales of your vapor cartridges, you should try these five selling points. Ease of use and convenience is the major thing, but also keep your customers well-aware of other plus points. It's how you can convince them and make them shop more.