Difference between Acrylic Spas and Wooden Hot Tubs

Difference between Acrylic Spas and Wooden Hot Tubs

An acrylic spa or a wooden hot tub? This argument has long been going on in different homes today although both of them serve almost the same purpose. Today, we are going to talk about some of the differences between a spa & hot tub.


Comparing Acrylic Spas and Wooden Hot Tub

While they are both similar in some ways, they are different in a lot of ways.

1. General Aesthetic

Both of them are beautifully designed but the circular shape of a wooden hot tub presents a zen-like feel, something most people love. They are enclosed in a pretty porch with steps.


This enclosure helps to conceal the equipment and preserve heat. Additionally, the wooden tubs have a very nice scent especially those made from cedar or redwood.

2. Comfort

Previously, wooden hot tubs were built without benches. Their walls are straight and you will hardly be comfortable in this. In recent times, hot tubs have facile benches built around them at different depths, but this still doesn’t ensure maximum comfort.


On the other hand, Spas are built with bucket seats to ensure comfortability. They also have headrests and molded lounges.

3. Cost

Generally, most people believe that acrylic spas cost more than wooden hot tubs but this is not true. The cost of acquiring and maintaining a hot tub with filters and a heater is more than the cost of acquiring an acrylic spa of the same size.


However, if you wish to save cost, you can opt for the wooden DIYs which are far less expensive than modern acrylic spas.

4. Maintenance

The cost of maintaining a wooden hot tub is considerably more expensive than the cost of maintaining an acrylic spa. The surface of the wood requires staining and sealing from time to time.


Both wooden and acrylic spas require chemical treatment if you want them to remain in a healthy condition. Also, note that the cost of maintenance will be higher if you have more equipment.

5. Longevity

With adequate maintenance, an acrylic spa can last over 50 years. But no matter how well you treat a wooden tub, the chances of using it for more than 35 years is very slim. At some point, the wood will eventually start to rot.


Although this effect can be stopped using a vinyl liner, it wouldn’t be too long before it occurs again. And soon, the whole tub will be damaged beyond repair.

6. Hygiene

Cleaning a spa or a hot tub requires a special kind of chemical. If you don’t clean them as often as you should, they will soon become home to harmful microorganisms. Spas create a conducive atmosphere for biofilm because they make use of pipes and hoses.


The only way to avoid this is to constantly treat the pipes and ensure that the spas are not left empty. Hot tubs are less likely to accumulate biofilms and therefore they are considerably safer


Without careful considerations, one might believe that Acrylic Spas are more beneficial. However, there is nothing as appealing as a fine wooden hot tub especially if you want to give your home a natural decor.